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The American Festival of Microtonal Music, Inc. (AFMM), was founded by Johnny Reinhard to showcase past and contemporary microtonal music and to introduce microtonality to the listening public. Through his direction of the AFMM and his other individual efforts, Reinhard has almost singlehandedly revived public awareness of microtonality in the 1990's. The AFMM has become a leader in new music activity today.

Reinhard, born in 1956, formed the AFMM in the Spring of 1981 while he was pursuing postgraduate studies. At this time, Reinhard conducted extensive research on microtonality. The philosophy of microtonality contends that alternatives exist to the traditional Western 12-tone equal temperament system. Johnny Reinhard asserts that: "The number of pitches is infinite ... just because more importance is placed on the Western system today does not mean it's the best." Furthermore, he believes that all music is microtonal. Reinhard is not alone in his beliefs; he derives his philosophy from the pioneering work of composers and musical theorists dating back to antiquity.

The AFMM produces concerts of Microtonal Music internationally. Microtonal Music is Music which is generally not based on the 12-tone equally tempered scale which is so prevalent in western music. It is not constrained to any style or time period. Concerts have included traditional music, rarely performed pieces, lots of original pieces, theatrical pieces, audience participation, ensemble work, well-known classics in original tunings, microtonal rock, hoomi singing, music for Homemade instruments, and of course lots and lots of bassoon music. Each concert has been digitally recorded and since 1985 or so, also videotaped. The AFMM maintains a loosely organized ensemble of virtuoso musicians who often perform in some combination or another in the concerts. The AFMM also puts together seminars and symposia on Microtonal Music.

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Board of Directors

Dan Auerbach Violinist, has been described by The New York Times as a player “with quiet virtuosity.’ Mr. Auerbach earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University as a student of Arnold Steinhardt. He also holds B.M. and M.M. degrees form The Juilliard School, where he studied with Dorothy DeLay, Felix Galimir, Harvey Shapiro and Lewis Kaplan, his D.M.A. from Rutgers, and a MBA from SUNY-Oswego. Mr. Auerbach is the recipient of a graduate fellowship from Rutgers University, and the Irene Alm Memorial Prize for excellence in performance and scholarly research. He has performed solo in such venues as Alice Tully Hall, the Kennedy Center, and The Juilliard Theatre. CD releases include the American Festival of Microtonal Music recordings on the PITCH label and the David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble. Dr. Auerbach is currently Associate Professor of Music at CSI-CUNY. www.danauerbachviolin.com

Angel M. Blanco Is a sui generis virtuoso art music guitarist and entrepreneur. A graduate of the prestigious McGill University, he has been hailed by luminaires such as Leo Brouwer, Kazuhito Yamashita and Stanley Jordan for his commitment to advancing new interpretive techniques and alternative trends such as Julian Carrillo’s ‘Sonido 13’ system and Carlos Reyes’ ‘Plectrodedo’ technique.

Svjetlana Bukvich Is a composer, producer, and media artist, often writing in a tuning of her own design. She has presented works in numerous new music venues in the US and internationally, including concerts with AFMM. Along with twenty-five women trail-blazers in contemporary music, she is featured in the book "In Her Own Words - Conversations with Composers in the United States." Bukvich is on faculty at NYU, and is a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Music/Sound. More information can be found HERE.

Edgar (Ted) E. Coons, Jr. Is a neuroscience psychology professor at New York University. Since discovering the music of Julian Carrillo while a Texas student, Ted went on to create the Electric Circus in the ‘70s with Thais Lathem (a founding AFMM Board Member). Professor Coons was President of the American Festival of Microtonal Music since the AFMM first became incorporated. He continues to sit on the Board, as well as several others.

Jordan Dykstra Is a Brooklyn-based violist and composer exploring the performer-composer-listener relationship through the incorporation of conceptual, graphic, and text-based elements. His film music has been heard at numerous film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Rotterdam, TriBeCa, Toronto), and his chamber music has been programmed in venues around the world (Tokyo, Reykjavik, Zürich, Portland, Brussels, Berlin). Dykstra’s 2020 album “The Arrow of Time” was listed as one of the best Modern Composition Albums by The Wire and is included in Best Contemporary Classical Albums of 2020 by Bandcamp. In 2015 Dykstra founded Editions Verde, a cottage industry label exploring the connection between sound and object. www.jordandykstra.com

Brendan Glynn Has sung on AFMM concerts since 1981, on repertoire as distinctive as Gilles de Binchois' "O Solis Ortus Cardine" to Wendy Carlos' "Afterlife." Mr. Glynn is a Manager for the New York Housing Authority, and continues his commitment to champion contemporary music.

Carol LoPresto Is a visual artist with a passion for microtonal sound. Music serves as a diving board for her new paintings and designs.

Frank Malloy Is the Executive Director of the Harambee Dance Company.

M. Joel Mandelbaum Is the author of the first American dissertation on microtonal music, from Indiana University on "19-tone Equal Temperament and Multiple Divisions of the Octave." Mr. Mandelbaum is Professor of Music Emeritus at the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College in New York City. His compositions frequently employ just intonation tuning or 31-tone equal temperament.

Rebecca Pechefsky Is a well-known harpsichordist in New York City and a frequent performer for AFMM concerts, as well as an author and dog lover. Among her recordings for Quill Classics are the complete harpsichord music of Francois d’Aginçoir; Bach and His Circle; Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Books 1 and 2; and Johann Ludwig Krebs @ 300 - all tuned in historical temperaments.

Joshua Pierce Is President of the AFMM as well as its official pianist. Mr. Pierce's list of honors, concert tours, collaborations and recordings is indeed prolific. He also reached much acclaim as part of the piano team - Pierce and Jonas - with Dorothy Jonas. He has given historic performances of compositions by Charles Ives, John Cage, Harry Partch, and so many others. Joshua has recorded over 200 works for MSR Classics, EMI Classics, Carlton Classics, Helicon, Koch International Classics, MMC, Pro Arte, Sony Classics, PITCH, and Vox.

Johnny Reinhard Founded the AFMM in 1981 as a microtonal bassoonist. His huge collection of theoretical works, scores, recordings and papers on the subjects of tuning is now in the Special Collections Archive at Furman University. For the AFMM, he produces all the concerts, plays bassoon, intones vocals, and composes such works as Odysseus, Dune, and Raven. More recently, Reinhard introduced 128 tuning, the higher harmonic tuning found in the 8th octave of the overtone series. Compositions premiered on the AFMM by Johnny Reinhard include works by Harry Partch, Percey Grainger, Wendy Carlos, La Monte Young, Edgard Varese, Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, and of particular interest, the premiere performance of the Charles Ives “Universe Symphony” in 1996 in New York’s Lincoln Center.

Devon TippCreates unorthodox musical environments from ostensibly incompatible realms as a creative artist. Through the doctoral program at the University of Pittsburg he is now equally at home composing from deconstructed western woodwinds, folk instruments, the Harry Parch instruments or western orchestra, drawing influence form rich Japanese and Eastern European roots, alongside experiences in Nordic countries. He received his BA from Montclair State University, where he studied composition, microtonal music, bassoon, and shakuhachi, and he studied Gagaku in Tokyo. His music has been performed by microtonalists Kjell Tore Innervik, Veli Kujala, and Tolgahan Cogulu. www.greengiraffemusic.info

Michael Vick Aka Michael aTonal Vick, is a multi-instrumentalist & huge proponent of microtonal music/sounds. Guitar Player dubbed him the Ringleader behind the Fretless Guitar Festival. Michael Vick was instrumental in helping Johnny Reinhard get his massive microtonal archives placed in Special Collections at Furman University where he has taught a microtonal/tuning systems courses of his own creation for over 10 years. Michael’s musical style ranges from the conventional to abstract, often utilizing various microtonal tuning systems at once. Progression Magazine suggests Vick’s music can be ‘weirdly, addictively mesmerizing.’ Michael is currently endorsed by Godin Guitars & FreeNote Music. www.SoundAsMusic.com

The American Festival of Microtonal Music, Inc. is a 501-c-3 corporation in the State of New York.

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