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MicroFEST 2015 New York, USA • March 27-29

AMERICAN FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC (AFMM), under the direction of Johnny Reinhard, presents three concerts at Spectrum, located at 121 Ludlow Street, second floor, in Lower Manhattan. Admission is $20 at the door for each night; $15 for seniors and students with ID. All three concerts begin at 7 P.M.

Friday, March 27th features the world premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas's solo for bassoon in 128 note tuning [formed by the eighth octave of the harmonic series] FOR JOHNNY REINHARD, performed by its dedicatee. Guitar soloist Tolgahan Cogulu of Istanbul premieres Johnny Reinhard's solo for microtonal guitar in 128 note tuning called KNIN CALIMARI. Richard Carr introduces SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DAIMOND for violin and laptop; and David Galt serves GARBLED NUMBERS: A DIPTISCH FOR DIDJERIDOO. Moscow's Anton Rovner delivers the graphic THREE CORNERED HAT written for thereminist Yonat Hafftka, fretless guitarist Michael Hafftka, and bassoonist Johnny Reinhard, who closes the evening with his conception TRIP I - first of a projected 3-night triptisch. Additionally, a rare recording of Alexander Nemtin's electronic FUGUE in 72-tone equal temperament is heard (Russia, 1972).

Saturday's March 28th presents a second performance of FOR JOHNNY REINHARD by Georg Friedrich Haas. Tolgahan Cogulu returns to play two traditional Turkisch makam works. Philipp Gerschlauer presents his quartet in the titles MR. P. APRIL, and OKTOBER with Gabriel Zucker on keyboards, Marty Kenney at double bass, Nathan Ellman-Bell on drums and the composer as alto saxophonist. Soprano Meredith Borden premieres her composition THE BALLAD OF HOBO ANNIE. JUST VIOLA by Skip La Plante is premiered by violist Anastasia Solberg. Anastasia Solberg delivers a LITANIAE by Violeta Dinescu. A trio composed of fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling of Amsterdam joins bassoonist Johnny Reinhard and fretless guitarist Michael Hafftka convenes for PINE. Once again, Johnny Reinhard congeals TRIP II to complete the evening.

Sunday, March 29th spotlights Harry Partch's Shakespeare-inspired POTION SCENE as interpreted by soprano Meredith Borden and violist Anastasia Solberg. Juhani Nuorvala of Finland joins alto flutist Stefani Starin with his electronics for the American premiere of RUOIKKOHUHUILU. Meredith Borden and Stefani Starin perform the american premiere of Sergei Slonimski's POLSKIE STROFIE for mezzo-soprano and flute. Michael Hafftka paints in music a CONSTELLATION for thereminist Yonat Hafftka, fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling, bassoonist Johnny Reinhard, and himself on fretless guitar. Ella Ackerman sings three song selections by the late just intonation composer Paul Gallagher. Johnny Reinhard's TRIP III, featuring Jeroen Paul Thesseling on fretless 7-string electric bass, concludes our season.

Balkan MicroFEST Knin 2014

'Directors Cut'
in 128 tuning

Johnny Reinhard, bassoon
Jurica Jelic, fretless guitar

MicroFEST New York 2010

'Zanzibar' (Johnny Reinhard)

Johnny Reinhard, bassoon

MicroFEST New York 1987

'Sonatas & interludes for
prepared piano' (John Cage)

Joshua Pierce, prepared piano

MicroFEST New York 2012

'Fretless Guitar Concerto for Michael Hafftka' (Johnny Reinhard)
in 128 tuning

Michael Hafftka, fretless guitar
Richard Carr, violin
Anastasia Solberg, viola
Joshua Morris, double bass
Cush Solberg, cello
Shelly Monroe Huang, bassoon
Johnny Reinhard, bassoon

MicroFEST New York 1997

'Odysseus' (Johnny Reinhard)

MicroFEST New York 1992

'Atlantis' (Johnny Reinhard)

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